Philipp Ollendorff –
Gun and Rifle Maker with passion

Decates of experience influence the production of each single firearm handmade by Philipp Ollendorff.
Competent craftmanship on the highest level and the choice of best materials guarantee best quality. Being exclusively made by hand every Philipp Ollendorff firearm is a unique creation crafted individually for each customer.

Our passion for perfection and love for the detail is applied to all parts of the gun – including those parts not normally visible.

“It was and is my personal goal to make exclusive hunting weapons, which combine skillfull craftmanship, classic elegance and highest claim on function and design” Philipp Ollendorff

That we have received this goal in the past and to realize it also concerning our current and future projects is our greatest motivation – when requirement and reality achieve perfect harmony.

Unique style, best quality, perfection in function and design. More than a hunting weapon…

Craftmanship with a passion for a relationship that lasts a lifetime.

Philipp Ollendorff